Transfer of Mistley Norman CofE and Two Village CofE Primary Schools to Canonium Learning Trust Approved

Canonium Learning Trust is pleased to announce that the Department for Education's Advisory Board has officially approved the transfer of Mistley Norman CofE Primary School (Mistley) and Two Village CofE Primary School (Ramsey, Harwich) from The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust to the Canonium Learning Trust. This transition will take effect in the Autumn term of the upcoming academic year, bringing new opportunities and resources to both schools.

Building a Brighter Future Together

Following the advisory board’s decision on 23 May 2024, Mistley Norman and Two Village schools will become part of the Canonium Learning Trust family. With our extensive experience and commitment to educational excellence, we are excited to support these schools and their communities.

In preparation for this transfer, Canonium Learning Trust is actively collaborating with the Department for Education (DfE) to develop exciting future plans for both schools. Notably, Mistley Norman CofE Primary School has been prioritised in Group 1 of the Schools Rebuilding Programme, ensuring a new school building within the next three years. In the interim, high-quality, modern modular classrooms will be installed to provide an optimal learning environment, allowing pupils to return to the Mistley Norman site in the autumn term of the upcoming academic year.

A Message from Our CEO

Lois Osborne, Canonium Learning Trust CEO, shared her enthusiasm:

"I am delighted that Canonium Learning Trust has been identified as a strong trust with the capacity to support another trust in improving school standards and performance at a fast rate. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality learning experiences for all pupils and nurturing a culture that enables both children and adults to flourish together.

Canonium Learning Trust is fast becoming a multi-academy trust of choice, renowned for our dedication to giving every child the very best education possible. Our reputation for excellence is built on a foundation of prioritising the needs and aspirations of our pupils, ensuring that every child receives the support and opportunities they deserve to succeed.

Our goal is to transform these schools into vibrant centres of learning where pupils can achieve their full potential. We are committed to working closely with the Mistley Norman and Two Village communities to restore confidence and ensure a bright future for all our pupils. Together, we can create an educational experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations, paving the way for success for every child."

Recognising the Efforts of Vine Schools Trust

Emma Wigmore, Vine Schools Trust CEO, reflected on the journey:

"Vine Schools Trust invested extensively in a Rapid Improvement Plan for Mistley Norman School and will remain proud of the wide-ranging and impactful outcomes we achieved with our management team, teaching staff, and pupils following a programme of rapid and focused improvement in 2022.

Among many positive outcomes, improvements in Mistley Norman's early years foundation stage (EYFS) resulted in 80% of children achieving good learning development (GLD) in 2023, compared with 50% the previous year and above national averages. This is in line with the majority of our Trust schools achieving Good Ofsted inspections, many after years of requiring improvement.

We are also proud of our early and strategic response to the RAAC crisis, where we were one of the first Trusts in the UK to take decisive action that resulted in minimal disruption for our pupils, their families, and our staff. We would like to thank everyone involved for their tireless work in ensuring a safe learning environment for our children."

Moving Forward

Canonium Learning Trust eagerly anticipates working closely with the dedicated teachers and support staff at both Mistley Norman and Two Village schools. We are committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, ensuring an environment where every pupil can thrive.

For our wider community and the families of our new schools, we understand that the journey has been challenging. However, we are confident that the changes ahead will bring positive transformation. We are committed to working closely with everyone involved to ensure these schools thrive once again.

Letter to parents and carers, 13th June 2024