Canonium Learning Trust: Celebrating Outstanding School Performance

We are thrilled to share the impressive performance data of our established schools within Canonium Learning Trust. Our commitment to excellence and the dedication of our staff has once again resulted in outstanding achievements by our pupils.

Academic Achievements

  • Year 6 Pupils' Performance: On average, 75% of our Year 6 pupils achieve Expected Standard or above in reading, writing, and maths combined. This is notably higher than the national average of 61%.
  • Greater Depth Standard: An average of 18% of our pupils reach the Greater Depth standard in reading, writing, and maths combined, which is significantly above the national average of 7%.
  • Early Reading Excellence: Our emphasis on early reading has secured impressive results - on average 96% of our Year 1 pupils pass the Phonics Screening Check. This is above the national average of 80%.
Our Commitment

These remarkable outcomes are a testament to the hard work and expertise of our team. At Canonium Learning Trust, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration. We are one body, many members - flourishing together.

Together, we continue to foster an environment where every pupil can thrive and achieve their full potential. Thank you to our dedicated staff, committed governors, supportive parents, and hard-working pupils for making these achievements possible.